Reactive Scaling, Simplicity and Speed


No server provisioning is faster - just choose an OS and set the max CPU and RAM. The rest is automatic.


There is no virtualisation overhead, so your server always runs with bare-metal performance.

Straightforward Billing

You are only billed for resources that you actually use, and your server only ever uses what it needs.

Instant boot times

Your server will boot in about 2 seconds. New servers can be spun up in under a minute.

Reactive Vertical Scaling

Springs are made to handle huge, sudden spikes in demand, without crashing or slowing. The system constantly ensures that your Spring is instantly provided more CPU and RAM, up to a maximum that you set.

Get fast, scalable, bare-metal performance with no load-balancing setup required. Springs technology ensures any single server is always the optimal size, and manages low-level scaling in real-time, straight out of the box.

Springs make it simple to handle fluctuating server load, going viral, or receiving the dreaded "Reddit Hug of Death". Unlike other cloud servers, they are not limited to fixed sizes, and can scale from near-zero to 64GB RAM.

Springs Are Full OS Containers

Springs are operating system containers where we put an entire operating system into a Docker-like Linux Container. OS containers make more dynamic use of computing resources, run without the overhead of a hypervisor and allow greater insight into the server itself than traditional virtual machines.

This means you get the freedom of virtual machines, but with better performance and reactive scaling.