What is Springs.io?

Springs.io began as a project to run Linux system containers in an environment that allowed true Pay-As-You-Go Infrastructure. We found it frustrating how many cloud providers used this term, when all it really meant was that you could pay hourly!

We created a simple interface for managing cloud servers in adapted Linux containers so that users could take advantage of the performance and auto-scaling advantages and only be billed for what they actually use.

The Idea:

  1. You can spin up a server and ssh into it within seconds.
  2. It scales automatically so it's never starved of resources when it needs them.
  3. You only pay for the system resources (CPU, RAM, SSD) that you actually use.[1]
[1] We also give you 1TB of Free Data Transfer, because no one wants to worry about that...

Our Parent Company

The underlying technology behind Springs was developed by our parent company, ElasticHosts. ElasticHosts have been offering innovative public cloud hosting since 2008, and were one of the first companies in the world to use KVM, one of the first to offer cloud hosting in Europe and one of the first to offer SSD at all instance sizes.

Their Elastic Containers are the backbone of our platform. Originally released in April 2014, they have done the arduous work of testing and developing the technology so that we can now be confident of its stability and security.