Springs.io is closing

The timeline

Springs.io will close on June 30th 2020.

What will happen to your products and services?

Unfortunately, all Springs.io’ products and services will close down with the brand.

What are my options?

There are two options for all ElasticHosts customers.

  1. Springs.io is part of tsoHost, which offers a range of powerful VPS and Dedicated Server solutions. You can choose to move to a VPS or dedicated server solution with tsoHost.
  2. Move your services to a third-party provider.

Springs.io’ customer support team is standing by to help you export your data and prepare for the shutdown on June 30th 2020.

What will happen about payments and billing?

No further payments for service will be taken. Any credit on your account will be consumed until termination on June 30th. Please contact our support team to arrange a refund for any unused credit.